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Fire Up! A Bible Study of God's Holy Spirit

A new 24-week Bible Study offered by Next Step, a LifeMark Ministry

Are you looking for an exciting Bible Study that will make a difference in your life?  No matter where you are in your faith journey, Next Step is a great avenue to discover how God's Word teaches us lessons we can apply in our every day lives! Here are a few common questions we often receive.

What will we be studying? We will begin a new study called, "Fire Up! A Bible Study of God's Holy Spirit."

Do you have questions about the HOLY SPIRIT? Do you know what the BIBLE says about Him? Are you fully engaging His POWER in your life?

Most believers struggle with really understanding who or what the Holy Spirit is.  Instead of that driving us to learn more, we pull away because we're uncomfortable with what we don't know.  It's human nature!  But if you've placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, then you actually have the Holy Spirit LIVING INSIDE of you!  Don't you think it's time to introduce yourself and get to know Him better?

This 24-week Bible study of God's Holy Spirit will help you grow deeper in your relationship with God the Father as you study the PERSON, PRESENCE, and POWER of His Spirit.  The Holy Spirit can be a difficult, complicated, and sometimes divisive topic, but at the same time, He is a priceless gift from God!  Don't miss this opportunity to grow more intimate with a holy God through His Holy Spirit.

What is Next Step?  We are a non-denominational Bible Study committed to the study of God's Word with the goal of application and life transformation.  To learn more, click the "About Next Step" link in the top right-hand corner of this website.

But I thought you only met on Monday nights in that no longer the case?  After 15 years of studying God's Word on Monday nights, Next Step de-centralized last year in an effort to encourage participants to reach out to others right where they live, work, and socialize. We now have 16 small groups that meet in a variety of locations around the Dallas / Plano / Frisco / Richardson area at a variety of times.  You can click the red button below to see the various options.  You also can do the study independently as a remote member, so if you live outside of the Dallas area, this may be a great option for you!

How will it work?  Each week, you will be expected to prepare your lesson by answering questions in your study guide (usually takes 1-2 hours).  Then you will meet with your small group to review the lesson and watch a short video where Mark will teach about some aspect of the lesson.  We anticipate that the small group time will average a little over an hour.  For those of you doing the study remotely, you will prepare your lesson and then watch the video online.

When does it start?  Groups will begin their study the week of September 10th.

Is there a cost?  We ask for a $30 donation to help us offset the cost of development and printing.  However, if this causes a financial hardship for you, PLEASE let us know and we will gladly make other arrangements for you.

So what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to sign up and begin diving into God's Word!  Just click the red button below to get started.

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