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Family of Faith: Unveiling Faith's Family Tapestry

A 16-week Bible Study on Genesis 12-50 offered by LifeMark Ministries

God’s plan for mankind is rich in complexity and design, just as ancient tapestries are.  Family of Faith: Unveiling Faith’s Family Tapestry continues in Genesis where our The Foundation of Faith study left off.  This study through Genesis chapters 12-50 will show us how God continued His plan and love story for mankind by designating and developing a Family of Faith.

In this 16-week study we will weave our way through the threads of this family’s rich history and see how God ensures His will is done.  Chosen although flawed people struggle to follow His plan.  Sin is ever-present.  But then as today, God protects, provides and forgives which makes this study incredibly powerful and relevant to our world today.

Through this Family of Faith we will learn the importance of trust and obedience to God’s plan and purposes for us and how God never fails to keep His promises.  See how you belong in His Family of Faith.  Get started today.

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