Dive In: A 28-week Journey Through the Bible

Go across the breadth and into the depths of God's Word! You won't read every chapter of the Bible, but you will cover the full STORY in this 28-week study that will give you a greater appreciation for the depth of God's unfathomable LOVE for You!


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What others are saying about "Dive In"

"This was an incredible study providing an overview of the Bible yet diving into some areas to gain a better understanding of God's love and how He displayed it throughout the entire Bible. The way the questions are posed gives you a new and refreshed look at Scriptures you have read and mingled in are the personal questions to think about how you will apply what you have learned in your life. Mark is an incredible teacher of God's Word and if you have never taken one of his Bible studies, I encourage you to 'Dive Into' this one. There is no better time than this to know God's love and shine God's light into this very dark world."


"The Holy Bible is a big book and it seems, at times, like an impossible task to tie all the books of the Hebrew Holy book (or Old Testament) and the New Testament together, but DIVE IN! does a great job accomplishing that task. In the study you will see how one author, God, through many scribes, brings His message of love and reconciliation to His creation. You will also see God’s justice and holiness. It really is just one story, with the Old Testament looking toward the cross and the New Testament looking back at the cross. This study can be done by individuals or in groups. It can be helpful for people who are new to the Bible, trying to connect the dots, or mature believers who are looking for greater understanding. So, if your church or Sunday School is looking for an insightful study, or if you have a group of believers that you want to get together, this is a great study."


Lesson 1 Talk Video

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