Mondays with Mark - Top 5 Episodes

Mondays with Mark is our weekly video devotional designed to help you start your week in God's Word!

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#1: Launch Control

Are you fully engaging the Holy Spirit in your life? In this episode, Mark talks about a feature in some cars called "Launch Control" and how we can apply that in our life.

#2: Preparing for Storm Season

It's Spring in Texas — pollen counts are high, baseball has begun, and storm season is just around the corner! Are YOU ready? More importantly, what about the storms in LIFE — are you ready for those? In today's episode, Jennifer Hicks (who serves on the LifeMark Ministries Team) talks about how we can prepare.

#3: A Scary Prayer

In today's episode, Mark challenges us to pray a "scary" prayer — a prayer with purpose...a prayer that is intentional...a prayer that asks God to move in such a way that only HE could have done something so big and therefore we give Him all the glory. Take the challenge today! Pray, prepare, and watch God move!

#4: Loud Cowards

Did you watch any episodes of the show, America's Got Talent? The winner was a cute little girl named Darcy who was a ventriloquist. There's a really good lesson we can learn from Darcy — something we can apply in our own life on a regular basis. Watch today's episode to learn more!

#5: Luggage

Do you ever find yourself carrying around the weight of guilt like luggage? In today's episode, Mark encourages us all to allow God to "unpack" our luggage and travel lighter!

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