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Power Up! Your Life

An Online Bible Reading Community that encourages you to apply God's Word in your everyday life

Have you ever set a New Year's resolution to read your Bible more often but struggled with doing it? 

You selected a reading plan and had full intentions of following through...perhaps you began in Genesis and enjoyed reading so many of the incredible stories...but then you got bogged down in the Old Testament law.  You grew discouraged and perhaps confused, and you gradually quit reading.  We've all been there!  

That's why we developed the Power Up! Plan -- it's designed to help you stay engaged and moving forward.  With daily reading assignments and commentary, you'll find yourself pushing through the tough parts and seeing God's Word really come alive! 

In addition to the reading plan, we also encourage you to join our private Facebook group where we can keep each other accountable, encourage one another, share what we are learning, and ask questions. 

Membership is only $20 per person for the entire year -- AND group memberships are as low as $5 per person!  So invite your friends to join...give them a priceless gift this Christmas!

Take the step to join us this year and be transformed by the study of God's Word which is alive, active, and applicable! 


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