Your Meaningful Life

Life can be meaningful, even when it's tough.

Session 1: Develop a Meaningful Perspective

with Guest Speaker Mark Schupbach

Looking around the world today, it seems like everyone has lost perspective. Focused on things that don’t last, too often we waste our time, money, and energy only to be disappointed when life doesn’t go according to our plan.

As a businessman and Bible study leader, Mark has helped thousands of people regain perspective despite financial and personal difficulties. Be encouraged to shift your perspective from earthly matters to eternal matters, and learn practical tips to apply this in your personal life.


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


Session 2: Experience Meaningful Restoration

with Guest Panel: June Hunt, Dr. Jay Burns, and Michael Snetzer

Do you struggle with the effects of broken relationships? You're not alone. Almost everyone has a broken relationship -- it may be with a family member, a friendship, themselves (ex: can't move past guilt), or even with the Lord. This excellent panel gave encouragement and practical tips on how to experience meaningful restoration.

Sidenote: the sound quality for the first 30 minutes is not as good due to a technical malfunction. We apologize if it is difficult to hear -- please stick with it as it corrects after the first 30 minutes. Thanks!


Session 3: Find Meaningful Purpose in Pain

with Guest Speaker Debbie Stuart

Pain. It comes in many forms — grief, loneliness, disappointment, illness, heartache, depression, etc.

At some time in our lives, we all experience pain. Sometimes we may feel that’s all there is to life. But if we allow Him to, God can use our pain to impact us like nothing else. Are you willing to endure the pain for Him? Will you press on, clinging to Him for strength, in order to better serve Him?

Debbie has learned so many life lessons as a result of some very painful experiences. Discover more of her story, and be encouraged and challenged to press on in the painful seasons of life.


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


Session 4: Find Meaningful Courage

with Guest Speaker Afshin Ziafat

Living in a society that has become more and more antagonistic to Christians, it is easy to shrink back from the impact that we could have if only we had the courage to step forward.

Afshin has experienced the kind of bold courage that can only come from God. Listen as he shares his personal story of how he became a Christian while living in a Muslim home and how God gave him the courage to make a difference around the world. Be challenged to pray for courage and to boldly step forward in faith as God unveils His plans for your life.


Session 5: Develop a Meaningful Life

with Guest Speaker Mark Schupbach and Special Guest Lt. Col. Allen B. West

During this final spring session, Mark gave a brief review of the highlights of the previous four sessions followed by tools to help you apply what you've learned this spring. 

As a special bonus, we were blessed to have Lt. Col. Allen B. West speak about the 5 C's of Leadership and give some real-world examples of leaders who have lived meaningful lives.